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Living For Today…

We Type A personalities are pretty good at researching, planning, and preparing.  We want to do things perfectly, and, to do that, we need as much information as possible, right? 

Well, maybe not always.  In the process of researching good kindergartens for our newborns, are we missing the gems of the newborn phase?  Are we failing to celebrate baby’s first steps just for the thrill of that moment . . . and instead using that moment as a springboard for the next goal that it then establishes (i.e., can baby walk across the room unassisted?)?  If we enroll our five year old in every lesson and sport under the sun in the hopes of making him well-rounded and, maybe, finding something at which he can excel, are we denying him the opportunity to have quiet afternoons in which he can learn how to entertain himself with simple, low-tech options like visiting with his friends, playing hide-and-seek, kick-the-can, or other games that bonded kids years before the X Box taught kids that entertainment was a solo activity?  Are we teaching our kids that life is all about tomorrow, never about today?  Are we inspiring our kids to feel pressure to accomplish without celebrating the myriad small victories that come before a major accomplishment?

As parents, it’s true that we need to be informed and prepared for what is to come for ourselves and our kids.  However, we need to strike a balance between living for tomorrow and living for today.  Either living for tomorrow or living for today, when not kept in balance (one with the other), can be, well, unbalancing.  If you teach your kids to live for tomorrow, today is never fully appreciated or enjoyed.  If you teach your kids to live for today, tomorrow is less likely to be successful due to inadequate preparation.  Balance.  Balance is the key.

“Perfect ” parenting, then, is not all about research, fact-gathering, and preparation.  It is also about teaching our kids to enjoy the journey.  Make time in your kids’ lives for appreciation of today and preparation for tomorrow.  

May your kids’ today be full of appreciation for each moment in which they live, and may all their tomorrows be successful.

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