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6 Things a Live-out Nanny Should Request

A live-out nanny has unique employment challenges.  Unlike live-in nannies, a live-out nanny should request the following:

  • 1. Her job description and/or nanny contract. When does her workday begin and end? What happens if she is tardy for work? Is she expected to be on call after hours? What happens in the event of inclement weather precluding safe travel to/from work? What are her job duties? Will she ever be expected to provide childcare in her own home? Is she able to consume food in her employer-family’s kitchen?  How is overtime handled?
  • 2. A vehicle or mileage reimbursement if she must use her own vehicle for work.
  • 3. A suitable nanny pay rate relative to the cost of living in the community in which she will work.
  • 4. Employment benefits (i.e., paid vacations, etc.).
  • 5. Clearly communicated boundaries regarding her use of her cellular telephone. Is the nanny allowed to use her own personal telephone while she is on the clock? Are her calls respected as private?
  • 6. Discuss withholding of taxes from the salary.

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