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Kids Helping Prepare Meals ~ Are They More Likely to Eat It?

You have kids that are fussy eaters.  Often, the meals you’ve prepared go uneaten . . . forkfuls of food are rearranged on the plate, perhaps, but none eaten.  If you have your kids help you prepare meals, will your kids be more willing to eat their meals?  The answer is: it depends. 

Sometimes, simply helping kids see and understand what is in their foods reduces their hesitancy to eat.  Kids can learn a lot about cooking, baking, and ingredients when they help in the kitchen.  This increased awareness can reduce their food-related anxiety. 

Also, perhaps you can allow your kids to have voice in what ingredients are included in foods that they don’t like and how those dishes are prepared.  For example, if Johnny likes oatmeal but does not like raisins, Johnny may suggest leaving out the raisins the next time you plan oatmeal cookies for dessert.  Why not give it a shot?  Johnny may like it . . . and you may like the revised recipe too. 

If your kids learn about a certain ingredient and the ick-factor remains for them . . . and if the ingredient is essential to the recipe . . . then having your kids help in meal preparation will not make a difference in your kids’ willingness to eat the meal in question.

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