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Effective Delegation in the Home

I’m a smart person.  Really, I am.  I manage to maintain a responsible professional position, juggle home and family responsibilities, balance personal and professional budgets, and do it all without consulting a stress management expert, physician specializing in psychoactive medications, therapist, or, heck, a Magic 8 Ball, Ouija board, or psychic reader.  But ask me to set up my new television and DVR and I might as well be asked to read War and Peace in its author’s native tongue (Russian, in case you’re curious).  I have no clue about this kind of stuff.  That’s where my 10-year-old comes in.  He can’t keep his room clean, sometimes struggles with personal hygiene (that’s another story all together), and (based on his English teacher’s sworn statement, here speaking literally) couldn’t diagram a sentence if his life depended on it.  But put him in front of a piece of technology, and this kid’s a genius.  Seriously, its amazing what he can do with technology.  That’s my boy!

It’s through these humbling moments (you know, the ones where you learn your own challenges and shortcomings) that I learn what great strengths my kids have.  It’s like God gave me kids that are my mirror image . . . where I excel, they struggle; where I struggle, they excel.  Together, we, as a family, can do anything!

Tailoring household chores to each kid’s strengths is the stuff of parental genius.  When I come home from work exhausted, 16-year-old Samantha has been home from school for two hours, is rested, and loves to cook fabulous meals for the whole family.  Because she’s a driver, she can also run her younger brothers to various lessons and practices for us.  She’s a gift, I tell you.  Thirteen year old Doyle is our rugged outdoorsman.  He loves to be outside, rain or shine.  He happily mows our lawn, tends our flower and vegetable gardens, trims our trees and bushes, cleans our gutters and downspouts, shovels our snow, and performs a lot of other outdoorsy tasks that we busy parents are eager to delegate. Ten-year-old Chaz, referenced above, is my techno-guru: he installs all our technology, programs the DVR for proper recording of the can’t-miss-this television viewing, fixes stuff when something goes wrong, teaches us all new things as technology evolves (even when we don’t), sets our clocks with each spring and fall time change, and generally is our go-to guy for all technology that is newer than 1984 (the final year of stuff that my husband professes to be expert about).

In sum, life is good.  My husband and I often say, “What would we do without our kids?!”

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