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Interviewing for a Nanny Position

When the time comes for a nanny interview, you must be polite! It makes a very bad impression to not use manners at a job interview. Why would someone who is looking for assistance in raising a child hire a person who has poor manners? It is important to be polite and make a good first impression! One way to be polite is to be prompt. It isn’t respectful to show up to an interview late, so be on time or even early! You should be dresses professionally and neatly. Make sure your clothes are ironed and that they are appropriate for an interview as a nanny. You don’t want to war anything too suggestive and you want to make sure your clothes are kid-friendly. If there are children present at your interview, interact with them; don’t hesitate to do so. A parent will appreciate that you took the time to interact with their child. You should also remember to have a smile on your face and to make eye contact, shake hands and thank the person for the opportunity to interview. Try not to use words like, “uh, umm, like,” and speak clearly and succinctly. Making a good first impression is key!


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