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How to Set Yourself Apart from Other Nannies During an Interview

You are preparing to interview with a family for whom you would very much like to work.  The family is interviewing multiple nannies, and you want to set yourself apart from the other nannies that they will be interviewing.  Here are some tips to help you accomplish that goal.

1.      Arrive for your interview on time.  Better yet, arrive 10 minutes early.

2.      Learn the family member’s names and some of their interests and activities before the interview.  When the interview begins, address them each by name as you introduce yourself to them.  As the interview proceeds, speak about the things you have in common with them, specifically shared interests and activities.  For example, you may say, “I understand that your family likes to ice skate.  I took ice skating lessons for four years when I was growing up.”

3.      Dress appropriately for your interview.   Machine washable dress clothes are best for most families.  A dry-clean-only business suit may not appear childcare appropriate; jeans and a sweatshirt may appear unacceptably casual.  (Side note: formal families may appreciate the business suit, and casual families may appreciate the jeans and sweatshirt.  If you know the family’s style, you can dress accordingly.  Absent that knowledge, however, the general rule of thumb is to wear machine washable dress clothes.)

4.      Be well groomed and conservative in appearance.  Be freshly showered.  Wear a little (not a lot of) make-up.  Style your hair . . . no spikes or wild colors.  Wear jewelry that is childcare appropriate (i.e., no large, dangling earrings if the family has an infant or young toddler).

5.      Make good eye contact.

6.      Speak grammatically correctly.

7.      Come to the interview prepared to ask well thought out questions.  Will this be a live-in or live-out position?  What are the family’s expectations of their nanny?  Will a nanny contract be used?  What are the children’s favorite subjects in school?  What books do they like to have read to them at bedtime?  Do they have traditions that the nanny can help honor?  When do they anticipate making a decision about whom they will hire?  How will they let you know whether you have been chosen?  These and other questions show the family that you are thorough and prepared.

8.      Refrain from asking about the job’s pay rate and benefits.  These subjects can be discussed when the family opens the dialogue or at the time of job offer, whichever occurs first.

9.      When the interview concludes, thank each family member present for the interview and let them know that you are very interested in the job.

By following these tips, you can set yourself apart from other nannies during an interview.

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