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How to Get Your Kids Ready for Summer Camp with Help from the Nanny

It’s time to get ready to send your kids to summer camp.   There are so many things to do!  Where do you start?

First, delegate some of the work to your nanny.  Your nanny can call the camp to see what supplies the children will need to bring with them, whether/how much money they’ll need to have, and what clothing the children should pack.  Your nanny can then set about the task of assembling the clothing and other supplies that they will take with them to camp.  (Make sure that pre-addressed note cards and stamps are among the assembled items.)

Second, have your nanny schedule play dates with at least some of the children that they will be spending time with at camp.  It’s always helpful for them to reconnect with their friends if the school year has diminished their contact.

Third, you and your nanny can address any fears or concerns your children may have about going to summer camp.  Some children experience separation anxiety, so reassuring them is key. 

Fourth, have your nanny coach them about summer camp hazards (sun burn, poison ivy, etc.).  Make sure that sunscreen lotion, any needed medications, etc. are packed for them.

Fifth, take them to camp, bags having been packed by nanny, in a timely, non-hurried manner.  Relax and enjoy the drive.  Tell them that you love them and look forward to seeing them when camp is done.  You may be able to call or write them while camp is ongoing . . . if so, promise to do so.


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