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How to Recruit, Interview, & Hire a Nanny As a Mom Entrepreneur

Finding and hiring the right nanny for your family can seem like a daunting task.  We at Nannies4hire.com are here to make the process easier for you.  Below are some tips to help.

  • 1. Determine what you want in a nanny. What skills do you want your nanny to possess? (For example, do you want her to be bilingual or a licensed CNA?) What job duties will you expect your nanny to perform? (For example, do you want her to do your children’s laundry?)
  • 2. Write a job description and a draft nanny contract. You can find template forms for both of these documents on our website (Nannies4hire.com).
  • 3. Search the database of available nannies at Nannies4hire.com. You can search our database by your locale and screen nannies based on the skills you are looking for (see #1 above).
  • 4. When you have identified several nannies that may be a good fit for your family, call or e-mail those nannies to set a time for a telephone interview with them.
  • 5. By telephone, give a brief interview to each nanny candidate that meets your baseline qualifications. Ask basic, job-related questions such as, “What do you like about being a nanny?” or “Please tell me about your most difficult experience as a nanny and how you handled it.”
  • 6. Send a polite rejection letter to each interviewed nanny candidate that did not meet your expectations in step 5.
  • 7. For each nanny candidate that met your expectations through step 5, schedule an in-person interview to be held in a neutral location such as a coffee shop. These “screening” interviews should not involve your children. During these interviews, ask your nanny candidates more in-depth, job-related questions (i.e, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony or any potentially job-related misdemeanor?” or “What hours are you available to work?”); provide each nanny candidate with a copy of the job description and respond to any questions she may have about its contents; and have her sign authorizations for you to perform background checks.
  • 8. Perform background checks (Nannies4hire.com can help with this).
  • 9. Send a polite rejection letter to each nanny candidate that was removed from consideration for employment with your family as a result of information obtained in steps 7 and/or 8.
  • 10. For each nanny candidate that met your expectations through step 8, set an in-person interview to be held in your home. These “selection” interviews should include your children so that you can observe how each nanny candidate relates with your children and also so that your children can form an opinion about which nanny candidate they prefer (it is wise for you to consider their perspectives, but do not feel required to hire whomever your children prefer . . . you as the parent have to hire based on your wisdom and parental perspective).
  • 11. Once your family has decided which nanny is the best candidate, it is time to offer your nanny position to your best candidate. The initial job offer should occur by telephone.
  • 12. During the job offer discussion (see step 11 above), negotiate compensation, benefits, start date, and other terms and conditions of employment.
  • 13. Update your nanny contract with information from step 12.
  • 14. Send a formal job offer letter to your best candidate. Enclose in the envelope a copy of the updated nanny contract, the job description, a W-4 form (for payroll purposes), an I-9 Form (for documentation of identity and eligibility to work in the United States), and any other employment-related document that is necessary in your area.
  • 15. Have your new nanny sign and date the job description and nanny contract on or before her first day of employment with you. On her first day of employment, ensure that she completes the W-4 and Section 1 of the I-9 Form. Within the first three business days of her employment, you will need to complete the employer portion of the I-9 Form as well. If your area requires other employment-related documents at the time of hire, those documents will need to be completed promptly also.

And then, tah dah!  You have hired a nanny that’s right for you!  Congratulations!

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