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He Looked At Me! Did Not! Did Too! Stop Sibling Squabbles

“He’s looking at me!”

“She started it!”

“He stole my Polly Pockets!”

“She stepped on my Lego house!”

 Sound familiar? If you have more than one child in your house, it certainly does!  Sibling squabbles are a regular occurrence in households across the country. 

And most of the fighting is about seemingly “minor” issues, such as who gets into the car first, who gets the first slice of pizza or who gets to select the next book. 

While this behavior is certainly annoying for the parents, it’s also perfectly normal.  As children learn to resolve their battles with their siblings, they’re actually gaining important skills – such as cooperation and compromise – that will serve them well throughout their lifetimes.

 Next time your kids bicker, try the following:

  • Teach your children to talk it out -nicely.  This means no name calling, accusations or whining. 
  • Tell your kids to listen to each other.  This is also an important life skill – learning to listen and respond to other people’s opinions.
  • Let them work it out.  It’s important for children to learn how to resolve their differences – you shouldn’t swoop in to mediate every dispute.
  • Separate them, as necessary.  Sometimes your kids are going to be so upset with each other that they’ll need time apart to calm down.  Put them in separate rooms and encourage them to play by themselves for a little while.
  • Praise positive behavior.  If you recognize your kids for being kind to each other, you’ll encourage them to demonstrate this behavior more often.
  • Spend quality time alone with each child.  Let them pick a special activity and enjoy your one-on-one time with them.   Listen to what they’re saying and reinforce how important they are to you. 

With these tips, you’ll soon be hearing the melodic sounds of your children sharing, taking turns and enjoying each other’s company…  Until the next squabble, of course.

How do you stop the sibling squabbles at your house?

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