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A Happy (and Safe) Halloween for Kids

Halloween can be great fun for kids, but it also comes with risk.  Here are some things you can do to help your kids have great fun this Halloween while minimizing their risk exposure.

  • 1. Choose costumes that are age-appropriate and appropriate for weather as well. For example, if Halloween is chilly in your locale, costumes that will not keep your kids warm are ill advised.
  • 2. If possible, put reflective tap on your kids’ costumes to help them be more visible to motorists and others.
  • 3. Escort your kids when they go trick-or-treating.
  • 4. Carry a flash light and a cellular telephone when trick-or-treating. The flash light will help you light your kids’ path and avoid any trip hazards. It will also help motorists and others see your kids. The cellular telephone will be useful if you encounter difficulties while trick-or-treating.
  • 5. Never accept treats that are homemade or altered in any way. Homemade and altered treats are more likely to contain harmful agents.
  • 6. Never accept fresh produce as treats as it is easy to push obscured stick pins, etc. into produce.
  • 7. Only trick-or-treat at homes of people you know and trust.
  • 8. If your kids are given candy from people they don’t know and trust, take your kids’ candy to a local healthcare provider that is offering free candy x-rays for Halloween. These x-rays will detect if needles or other harmful objects may be in the candy that was given to your kids.
  • 9. Never trick. If no treat is forthcoming, simply walk away graciously.
  • 10. When trick-or-treating is done, escort the kids safely home.
  • 11. Once home, review the candy that your kids received. Discard any candy that may be hazardous.
  • 12. Discuss with your kids the rules regarding candy consumption. For example, perhaps they are allowed two pieces of candy daily . . . the rest of their bag of treats will be set aside for them to withdraw candy from in days ahead.

By following these tips, you will help ensure that your kids have a happy and safe Halloween.

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