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Nannies Who Are Grannies

Nannies span the generations from Generation Y (those born 1984 – 2002, also known as Millennials) to the Greatest Generation (those born 1927-1945, also known as Traditionalists or the Silent Generation).  Nannies who are grannies (i.e., nannies who have grandchildren of their own) can easily be found in homes across the nation.  These nannies bring to their jobs decades of childrearing experience.  This invaluable skill set can be a gift to your children, especially if you have a child with a behavior problem or if you have more than three children.  Granny nannies can bring to your family the wisdom to handle tough situations with skill and grace.

As you recruit a nanny that is right for your family, general nanny experience alone may be insufficient information to determine if any one nanny candidate is right for your family.  Make sure that your nanny candidate has experience in situations similar to your family situation.  For example, if you have a son with autism, does your nanny candidate have experience working with autistic children?  If you have a family of five children, all under the age of eight years, does your nanny candidate have experience working with such a family composition?  How recent have her related experiences been?  How well did she handle these prior experiences?  (This latter question can be answered via specific interview questions and reference checking.)    

Some parents assume that granny nannies may have less energy, a lower ability to relate to children, and/or an increased need to be absent from work due to medical appointments and their own family commitments.  However, these age-based assumptions are not only incorrect for many granny nannies, they are also illegal in many circumstances.  If you have a nanny candidate who is a granny nanny, and she appears to have the experience you seek, interview her to determine if she is a good fit for your family.  Ruling a candidate out based on assumptions you have made without facts in hand is legally risky and you may miss the opportunity to hire your best candidate by pre-judging her.

In sum, granny nannies can offer your family a wealth of experience.  While outstanding nannies can be found in each and every working generation, granny nannies may have unique strengths to benefit your children.

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