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Get organized!

As a mom myself, I understand from firsthand experience how much STUFF accumulates as soon as you have kids. Sometimes, the most challenging part of my day is just getting out the door with all of the necessary lunches, briefcases, backpacks, sports gear and permission slips for the day ahead.  Sound familiar?

I’ve learned a few tips along the way, from my mom and nanny friends, and they’re helping me get more organized – and less frazzled – in my very busy life.

I’ve started keeping a plastic bin in the trunk of my car that contains all of the sports gear for the coming week.  This way, I never forget the tennis racquet, baseball glove or team jersey for the upcoming practices or games.

My new month-at-a-glance wipe-off calendar has changed my life for the better.  I use color coded markers to track each family member’s activities, upcoming work meetings, school events, dance recitals and more.  I’m also jotting down specific things that I need to remember each day (e.g., bring cookies for the school bake sale, pick up gift for upcoming birthday party) all in this one central spot. It is so much less stressful than trying to manage a big stack of post-it notes, school flyers, etc, which was my old “system” for tracking information.

I keep necessities in my car and replace the items at regular intervals.  I always have snacks, bottled water, hand sanitizer, bug spray, sun screen and other necessities at my fingertips.   I find that it saves me a ton of time to pack all of these items at once, rather than scramble for granola bars or sunscreen as we’re rushing out the door.

I’m also trying to get prepared the night before by laying out clothes and packing lunches.  I find that my mornings are much less stressful if I do a bit of prep work each evening.

Rely on your nanny to help with logistics.  Let her know your organizational systems, and ask her to help you maintain these practices.

With these easy-to-implement tactics in place, you’re sure to feel more organized and, therefore, more in control of your stuff – and your life.

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2 comments to Get organized!

  • Yes, it is indeed very difficult, but when is confronted with this, it used to, and you’re absolutely right that the main thing, is organized in all.

  • Great tips! I just wanted to add a few that we use in our daily scramble:

    I have underseat storage in my minivan, so I keep extra diapers, wipes, & change of clothes in a clear plastic tote. I also change out seasonally picnic blankets and car blankets.

    Since my husband tends to email me his extra calendar items I use Outlook as our family calendar and just reprint each month or week (if I need more detail) and post on our bulletin board. This is helpful between blackberries and palm pilots to keep everyone’s schedule up to date.

    Cozi (www.cozi.com) also has an electronic calendar you can print out that is color coded and can sync with Outlook. Their calendar is helpful in that it is web based so if you’re without your schedule you can access it through their website from anywhere.

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