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Fun, Creative Lunches on a Budget

Are your kids tired of the same-old-same-old lunches?  Are you struggling for ideas for fun, creative lunches on a budget?  Try these ideas.

  • 1. At holiday times, cut sandwiches into holiday-specific shapes using cookie cutters. For example, heart-shaped sandwiches near Valentine’s Day, shamrock-shaped sandwiches near St. Patrick’s Day, star-shaped sandwiches near Independence Day, pumpkin-shaped sandwiches near Halloween, and bell-shaped sandwiches during Christmas time.
  • 2. Also at holiday times, choose meals that involve the colors of the season . . . or use food coloring to make the meals consistent with the colors of the season. For example, pack lunches including strawberries, cherries, and grape tomatoes for Valentine’s Day; lettuce, cucumbers, and green grapes for St. Patrick’s Day; strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows for Independence Day; orange slices, black olives, and pumpkin bars for Halloween; and strawberries, green grapes, and whipped cream for Christmas.
  • 3. Make lunches that are visually attention-getting. Lady finger sandwiches are always good for generating discussion over the lunch table; this is especially true if the sandwiches are cut in the shape of a lady’s finger. (A sliced almond makes a wonderful finger nail.) Or try the “grin snack” . . . two red apple wedges (lips) layered with peanut butter (gums) with mini-marshmallows (teeth) in the middle.
  • 4. Develop lunches on themes specific to your kids’ activities. For example, if your son has just joined the football team, put football stew in a Thermos for his lunch, cut his sandwich into the shape of a football, etc.
  • 5. Include fun non-food items in the lunches you pack. For example, a “Top 5 List” for the day (i.e., the top 5 things you love about your kids, the top 5 things your kids have done well at school recently, etc.); a fun five-question multiple choice quiz (i.e., questions about the school colors, mascot, etc. or family members and/or events) (Note: don’t forget to put the correct answers on the back of the page); crayons and a coloring book page that is themed (i.e., a page from a Christmas coloring book during the Christmas season); or a funny fact sheet (i.e., a comedic history of Valentine’s Day, fun facts about green grapes, etc.).
  • 6. Use creative lunch boxes. Put lunch items in your son’s football helmet and use cling wrap to secure items in the helmet. The face mask can be used as the handle by which the “lunch box” is carried. Use an airline-logo’ed air-sickness bag as a lunch sack right before your big vacation. Use a trick-or-treating bag (or plastic jack-o-lantern) as a lunch sack. Use grocery store bags and decorate them with construction paper, glitter, or other items to reflect your kids’ interests, activities, or the holiday season.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to prepare for your kids a variety of fun, creative lunches on a budget.  For more useful information, continue to visit Nannies4hire.com.

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