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Fire Safety Tips for Kids

Fire safety is a significant issue in homes with little ones.  Most parents inculcate their kids with “stop, drop, and roll”.  However, a few additional fire safety tips are well advised.

  • 1. Electrical outlets and other sources of electrical current are to be handled with extreme care. No fingers, kitchen utensils, etc. should be placed in an electric socket. No fluid (water, juice, milk, soda pop, etc.) should be near electric sockets or electrical appliances. Heating appliances (i.e., curling irons, space heaters, stoves, etc.) are especially dangerous for kids: do not allow kids to use or be near these without direct parental supervision.
  • 2. Candles should never be used without direct parental supervision. Matches and lighters should never be accessible to kids. Fire is not a play-thing: it is dangerous and can kill.
  • 3. If a fire does occur, adults and kids alike should drop to their knees and rapidly crawl outside. (Note: many kids want to hide in a closet or under their beds when a fire breaks out, so make sure your kids know that hiding is not a safe response to a fire.) Running may be necessary if urgency does not permit a rapid crawl, but rapid crawling is generally preferable because people need to keep their noses as low as possible to minimize smoke inhalation.

These three additional fire safety tips may just save your kids’ lives. 

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