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Inter-Faith Holiday Celebrations

Over the span of a career as a nanny, you help raise children in a variety of different contexts.  One of the most interesting homes in which to nanny is an inter-faith home (where the two parents are of different religions) . . . especially at holiday time.  While the holiday season can be handled a variety of ways in inter-faith homes, many homes choose to recognize both faiths. 

To recognize both faiths, both parents need to be willing to recognize and validate their spouse’s faith.  Additionally, they must be willing to expose their children to their spouse’s faith and potentially prompt their children to accept that faith as their own.  While each parent may hope that their children will accept the faith that they practice, the reality is that their children may choose their spouse’s faith, some other faith all together, or no faith at all.  Wise parents do not deny the existence of other religions or find ways to invalidate other religions; instead, wise parents allow their children to be exposed to a variety of faiths and allow their children to learn about other ways of viewing faith.  Parents can then help their children determine what faith is right for them.  Parents can and should help guide their children through this decision-making, but as the children reach adulthood, the decision ultimately rests with the children themselves. 

As noted above, the holiday season is a special opportunity to expose children to a variety of faiths and help them learn about those various faiths.  In a Jewish-Christian home, for example, the family may attend synagogue and church services for the season (i.e., Hanukkah and Christmas).  Both parents can tell the seasonal stories associated with their faith.  A Christmas tree and a menorah can be co-located.  Songs of both faiths can be sung, and rich traditions can be shared.

Parents are responsible for helping their children become responsible, caring adults and productive members of the community.  By teaching children to understand a variety of faiths and accept the faiths of others without judgment, parents are giving their children an advantage in this increasing diverse society in which we live.

Happy Hanukkah!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Kwanzaa! From…Nannies4hire.com

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