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Dreams for Our Kids

Parents have a host of dreams for their kids.  What is listed below is a brief overview of some of the most important dreams that we, as parents, have for our kids.

  • 1. To grow up healthy, strong, and capable, both physically and emotionally. To believe in their competency and capacity to handle whatever comes their way.
  • 2. To develop and maintain a high degree of self-knowledge and the self-confidence to be true to themselves.
  • 3. To establish and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • 4. To give and receive love and friendship in a healthy manner. This includes feeling comfortable being alone or together.
  • 5. To give and receive kindness, empathy, and compassion. To be tolerant of people who make choices that are different from their own, and to seek understanding of those different choices and different ways of viewing things.
  • 6. To enjoy the respect of others and to take in stride those who treat them unkindly. To be dealt with unkindly only rarely and never intensely.
  • 7. To have only enough hardships to learn needed life lessons. To learn life lessons without the painful struggles that many people experience.
  • 8. To know happiness and be resilient.
  • 9. To be a realist and maintain hope.
  • 10. To work in a fulfilling, sustaining occupation. Whether that occupation be a banker, construction worker, doctor, at-home parent, or concierge, the chosen work should be fulfilling and sustaining. To experience success.
  • 11. To understand the “big picture”, such as how their actions affect others, what the long-term consequences are, etc. To care about the big picture and endeavor for the greater good.
  • 12. To live in a safe, secure, sustainable, and affirming environment and in a strong and ethical country and community.

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