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Age Discrimination in Hiring Nannies?

Nannies in the job market today may face some difficulties if they are younger than 20 or older than 60 years of age.  Why is this and what can a nanny do about it?

If you are younger than 20 years of age, prospective employer-families may think you lack sufficient experience to be able to handle the job well.  To combat that perception, make sure that your resume details all your childcare experience, including all your babysitting jobs and your experience caring for your younger siblings.  In an interview, highlight some of the challenges you have successfully handled (i.e., a medical emergency that you handled well).

If you are older than 60 years of age, prospective employer-families may think you no longer have the energy to keep up with young children or the ability to relate well to young children.  To combat those perceptions, make sure that your resume details your active involvement in youth and their activities and interests (for example, do you accompany your grandson’s class field trip to the zoo each spring?).  In an interview, present in an energetic, up-beat manner and speak about your knowledge of subjects of interest to the youth of today.

Prospective employer-families may make assumptions based on age, but you can counter those assumptions with facts.  Make sure you let prospective employer-families know your strengths.

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1 comment to Age Discrimination in Hiring Nannies?

  • Florence Reynolds

    I never thought that I will be facing age discrimination ,for the last 8 years I never been is this situation where I apply for a job or I go to a interview and then I find out that they are concerned about my age (66 )
    I tell the parents how active I am ,how I love to get on the floor to play and how much I enjoyed going for long walks withe the children
    I am proud of the way I look quite young I say and I take pride in my clothes and make up and hair .
    I am not a wrinkle gray hair lady .
    Any Help

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