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De-Stressing Tips for Moms

You work long hours and come home to a family who deserves your attention as well.  Your family means the world to you, but sometimes you feel like you aren’t spending enough time with them because you are too committed elsewhere (primarily, your full-time-and-then-some job).  Additionally, your job is stressful, and you need time to decompress before you can enjoy your family each evening and where does that time come from when your time with them is already limited?

Here are eight tips for de-stressing your life.

1. Become comfortable saying “no” to non-essential task requests from others. If spending more quality time with your family is your goal, then taking time away from them to raise funds for a non-profit organization (while a very worthy undertaking) may need to wait for another time in your life.

2. Learn to delegate effectively. Do you have a secretary at work who can absorb some of your excess work? Can you hire a nanny or babysitter to spend time with your children while you and your spouse are at work and have her pick up some of the extra slack at home? Are your children old enough that they can be tasked with cleaning their own rooms?

3. Use time management techniques. Is there a more efficient way to handle your tasks? (For example, do you really need to get a few groceries every day, or can you make a list and shop once a week?) Can tasks be more effectively performed at a different time? (For example, perhaps there is benefit in having the children choose their Tuesday school clothes on Monday evening.)

4. Find humor in things that don’t quite go right. If you can take lightly both your successes and your failures, life will be less stressful.

5. Participate in shared activities that focus on someone else. If you and your family spend time working in a local soup kitchen, helping those less fortunate than yourselves, perhaps you would achieve less stress (forgetting your own stressors), quality family time (worthwhile, shared activity), and you will expose the children to the value of caring for their fellow human beings as well.

6. Listen to relaxing music, select a relaxing color palette, and use relaxing scents throughout your home.

7. Exercise with your family.

8. Count your blessings. Look for the positives.

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