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Daycare and Preschool

Traditional daycare has been yielding to preschool in recent years.  This reflects an increase in awareness of the value and impact of early childhood education.  Children’s minds are able to absorb information more readily than are adult minds, and if we tap that ability early, we give our children advantages that can put them ahead of the curve for the rest of their lives.

Subjects taught usually include social skills, behavior management, emotion control, and basic academics (i.e., basic English and math).

Typically, a preschool schedule integrates play and learning, physical and intellectual fun; it is not “all work”, nor is the schedule typically grueling or arduous for children.  Young children often have a short attention span and favor fun, active learning, so the early childhood curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the early learner.

In sum, as our understanding of the human brain (i.e., how we think, learn, remember, and apply information) increases, we can use that understanding to improve our children’s futures.  Traditional daycare yields to preschool, and our children (and the adults that they will become) reap the benefits.

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