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Cursing in Front of Your Kids

Some parents speak (and curse) freely in front of their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they want their kids to be exposed to the real world as they know it rather than “sugar coat” reality. Other parents watch their language carefully around their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they wish to teach their kids to speak politely. Each set of parents will set their boundaries as they deem appropriate. The intent of this blog is not to pass judgment on either choice, but merely to provide information to cursing parents who do not want to raise cursing kids. The information below will help parents determine how to accomplish that objective.

Kids develop rudimentary speech comprehension in early infancy; some experts believe that some words (or, more specifically, word sounds) are recognized by infants at birth because of what they heard while still in the uterus. By approximately 8 months of age, infants recognize words such as “mommy”, “daddy”, “pacifier”, “bottle”, and other words that parents use frequently and with first-person connection to infants. By approximately 12 to 14 months of age, kids are usually beginning to speak their first meaningful words.

Given this timeline, it is this author’s opinion that parents who wish to teach their kids to speak politely should begin watching their language around their kids by the time the kids are approximately 3 months of age.

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