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Creative Things to Do with Your Children

As a nanny, you have many responsibilities.  You must nurture the children in your care, stimulate their minds, and inspire their creativity, among a host of other tasks and treasures of your daily responsibilities.  It is wonderful, then, when you can find opportunities to combine multiple objectives in one activity (ex., an activity in which the children can learn and develop creativity).  There are many wonderful resources for such activities.  In this article, we will highlight Creativepockets.com. 

Creativepockets.com is a website that fosters fun, learning, and creativity for pre-schoolers and early grade schoolers through creating crafts centered on themed lessons.  Aprons are decorated according the theme, and crafts are placed in the pockets of the aprons.  Items in the pockets can then beabcaction sequentially removed for story telling; rhyming; reasoning and problem solving; playing games; having treats; learning colors, shapes, numbers, or letters; developing communication and analytical thinking skills; enhancing memory; and developing enculturation.  In addition to fun, educational, and creative pocket ideas, each themed lesson includes activities for the classroom and for the home.  Evaluation tips are also provided in each lesson. 

Other resources abound as well.  Listed below are some resources that may be available in your community.

  • Take your children to the opera, ballet, museum, or any other cultural center or activity. Discuss the significance of what you and they are seeing. Ask what the children’s thoughts are. Do they like what they see? Why or why not? Children who are exposed to multiple aspects of culture (dance, music, theatre, sculpture, painting, etc.) are more likely to develop an interest in one or more aspects of culture and are also more likely to develop the portions of their brains that process creative thinking and expression.
  • Enroll your children in voice lessons, dance classes, youth theatre groups, or other activities in which they (and you) can get involved in the aspects of culture that they like. This will further encourage their interest in these aspects of culture and further develop the portions of their brains that process creative thinking and expression.
  • Help your children “adopt” a senior citizen from a local senior citizen center or nursing home, visit that senior citizen often, and nurture their relationship with their “adopted” friend. This will teach your children about giving as well as receiving nurturing. Simultaneously, your children will likely have priceless opportunities to learn about history from people who observed it first-hand.
  • Sign up yourself and your children to support a worthy cause. If the cause you and the children choose is environmentalism, your children are sure to learn a great deal of scientific information. If the cause you choose is a human rights organization, your children will learn empathy and compassion. No matter which cause you choose, your children will learn values.
  • Help your children participate in a neighborhood or backyard gardening project. Children can experience creativity (what flowers look prettier when planted next to each other) and learn science (how chemicals in the soil can foster or hinder plant growth) from gardening projects.

The number of creative things to do with your children is limited only by your imagination.  The world around you is filled with opportunity.  You need only an inquiring mind and a spirit of adventure.

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