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What Should Be in Your Nanny Contract?

You are getting ready to hire a nanny.  You have chosen your best nanny candidate, done background checks on her, and you are ready to offer her the job and present her with a nanny contract.  What needs to be in your nanny contract?

*Name of employer (i.e., names of parents)

*Name of employee (i.e., name of nanny)

*Date of hire

*Employment end date, if any

*Live-in or live-out status

*Starting rate of pay

*Pay dates and times

*Performance evaluation schedule

*Pay increase schedule and causation (i.e., cost of living, length of service, and/or merit)


*Rules regarding nanny’s permitted uses of employer’s property (food, phone, etc.)

*Nanny’s work schedule

*Job description

*Privacy and confidentiality boundaries

*Contingencies such as how to handle traveling with nanny, nanny calling in sick, etc.

*Employment at will statement

*Dated signatures of employer and employee

As you draft your nanny contract, you are encouraged to seek guidance from an attorney in your area, as state laws may affect specific provisions within your nanny contract.  You can also find an example contract at Nannies4hire.com.

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