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College Nannies

Hiring College Nannies

Lots of young people work their way through college doing a number of jobs. College nannies are particularly popular, as the occupation often leaves enough hours in the day open to concentrate on educational pursuits and so on. Hiring a college nanny can be a tough prospect, though, as references are tricky to check and it can be hard to narrow down options in the area. If you’re looking to hire college nannies, Nannies 4 Hire is a great place to start.

College Nannies 4 Hire

Nannies 4 Hire has a database that clients can peruse at three membership tiers. Families can select from this trio of membership options and can get access to the database of potential college nannies for as little as $99.99 a month. The fee includes job posting and resume access, opening up a world of options for families looking for a little help. Not only does Nannies 4 Hire offer these great services at wonderful prices, they’ve partnered with businesses like the Discovery Channel and Dr. Phil to get more feet on the ground in this exciting field. For more information, check out the website online at http://www.nannies4hire.com.

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  • Katie Tullis

    I am trying to get a new nanny job so that I can go back to school if anybody is looking I have lived in northern va for the last 3years and have great references. ID #300906

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