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Christmas Games and Activities for Kids and Families

Kids often complain of being “bored” over Christmas break from school.  Here are some games and activities to keep kids from getting bored and to help them get into the spirit of Christmas.

1.      Read Christmas-themed bedtime books each night throughout December.  Ask your kids what they think their lives would have been like if they would have been born in Jesus’ time.  Speak with your kids about what Christmas means to you.  Ask your kids what Christmas means to them.  Emphasize the gifts of forgiveness and everlasting life; the sacrifices made by Christ for our salvation; and the patient, loving, and gentle spirit of Christ.

2.      Attend and participate in church, school, and community events in celebration of Christmas.  For example, reenact the first Christmas with your kids’ Sunday school class.

3.      Decorate a Christmas tree in your home just for the kids.  Your kids can make the decorations and place them as they wish on a tree of their very own.

4.      Bake and decorate Christmas cookies, gingerbread men and women, gingerbread houses, and other Christmas treats.

5.      Make ice sculptures.

6.      Go sledding, sleigh riding, etc.

7.      Spend an evening riding through the residential neighborhoods of your community looking at the Christmas lights and decorations on homes and lawns.

8.   Host a Christmas caroling party or play Christmas carol charades.

9.   Have a family secret Santa game for a week or two leading up to Christmas.

10.   Be a secret Santa for a family in need in your community.  Discuss how Christ cared for those in need and set an example for all of us to follow.

11.   Shop for and select a special new outfit for each family member for Christmas.

12.   Play pin-the-tail-on-the-reindeer.

13.   Color in Christmas-themed coloring books.

14.   Set out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on Christmas eve.  (Parents: ensure that these treats are consumed after your kids are asleep.)

15.   Have a gift scramble.  (Ask all guests to bring one inexpensive, gender-neutral gift to be given in the gift scramble.  As guests and gifts arrive, gifts for the gift scramble should be placed in a pile.  On small strips of paper, write a number, starting with number one and proceeding to the number of guests who will be participating in the gift scramble.  Fold the strips of paper so that the numbers are not visible without unfolding the papers.  Every participant then draws a slip of paper out of a hat or bowl.  The guest who draws the slip of paper with the number one on it draws a gift from the pile, unwraps the gift, and shows the group the gift that s/he received.  The guest who draws the slip of paper with the number two on it can then draw another gift from the pile to unwrap as his/her own, or s/he can “steal” the gift opened by the guest who drew slip number one.  If latter option is chosen, then the guest who drew slip number one must draw another gift from the pile, unwrap it, and claim this new gift as his/her own.  Then, the guest who draws the slip of paper with the number three on it can draw another gift from the pile to unwrap as his/her own, or s/he can “steal” the gift opened by either guest one or two.  So the game proceeds until all guests have opened at least one gift.)

16.   Find time every day, especially throughout December, to display Christ-like love.  Donate allowance to a worthy charity.  Invite a needy family to dinner.  Strike up a conversation with a new kid in the neighborhood or the kid who is always alone.  Love one another.

By engaging in the games and activities above, families can keep kids from getting bored and help them get into the spirit of Christmas.

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