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Merry Birthday! Err…. Happy Christmas!

Is your son or daughter a “Christmas baby”?  Children who were born near December 25th often feel that their birthdays get slighted or overshadowed by Christmas.  What can you do to make your “Christmas baby” (of any age in childhood) not feel like his/her birthday is given the short shrift?

  • 1. Hold a birthday celebration just as you would if the birthday fell at any other time of the year. Even though you may have an abundance of Christmas candies in your home, make (or order) a birthday cake (yes, MORE sugar) just for your birthday boy or girl. Make time, even at this busy time of year, to have a party for your child and invite his/her friends and classmates.
  • 2. Leading up to your child’s birthday, ask him/her how s/he would like to celebrate his/her birthday. Then, within reason, honor those preferences. Does your son want a hot dog dinner and a race car-themed birthday cake thereafter, all to be shared with his classmates? Does your daughter want a pizza party with five of her closest friends?
  • 3. Decorate the party location (i.e., your dining room, a restaurant’s private room, etc.) for your child’s birthday. If Christmas decorations are in the party location, take them down temporarily or de-emphasize them by prominently displaying birthday decorations.
  • 4. On your child’s birthday, minimize discussions about Christmas and keep the focus on your child’s big day.
  • 5. Buy birthday gifts that are not related to Christmas in any way. Avoid giving joint birthday/Christmas gifts (i.e., any gift that is intended to be a gift for both birthday and Christmas simultaneously).
  • 6. Ensure that you are spending an approximately equal amount on birthday and Christmas gifts for each of your children. (Children who were Christmas babies often feel that they receive fewer total birthday and Christmas gifts than their siblings who are born at other times of year.)

By following these six tips, you can minimize the chance that your “Christmas baby” (of any age in childhood) will feel like his/her birthday is given the short shrift due to the birthday’s proximity to Christmas. 

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