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Child care options for children with disabilities

Nannies4Hire has extensive experience matching nannies with special needs children.  Whether your child has a physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disability, or a combination of these, we’re confident that we can find the right nanny to care for your exceptional child.

When considering a nanny, parents of special needs children need to ask specific questions about each caregiver’s experience with disabled children, as well as what they can do to accommodate your child’s special needs.   

And, of course, you want a nanny that will focus on your child as a person, rather than on his disabilities

We recognize that caring for a special needs child is often a team approach, and we ask parents to be honest and up-front about their child’s abilities and limitations.  Their nanny should know about daily routines, including any physical or occupational therapies, medication schedules, doctors’ appointments and so forth. 

Parents should give the nanny any testing equipment, medicines, or special equipment that the child needs, and teach the nanny how to use it.  They should also explain if the nanny will be responsible for regular procedures, such as finger prick tests to check blood sugar levels.  Let the nanny know if your child needs help putting on, taking off or using braces, artificial limbs or other equipment.  Teach the nanny about your child’s seeing-eye dog or other type of service animal.  And explain if your child needs special medications, such as a shot in case of an allergic reaction.  If your child is prone to seizures, be clear about the protocol during these episodes.

Before hiring a nanny, ask if she’s ever dealt with an emergency special needs situation. If so, what was the situation and how was it handled?  Be sure to familiarize your nanny with your family’s emergency procedures, and provide her with a list of the medical team personnel that cares for your child in case of emergency.

Your special needs child should have a competent, patient and nurturing nanny caring for him.  And you should have open, honest communication with the nanny, to assess how your child is doing.  In an ideal situation, the nanny will support your efforts to help your special needs child thrive.

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