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Effects of Foreign Travel on Child Development

Children who are given the opportunity to experience foreign travel can reap many benefits and a few risks associated with that travel. Benefits Hands-on learning on subjects such as geography, history, economics, government, and languages. Increased appreciation for the subjects listed above (i.e., “I walked where Julius Caesar once walked!” or “The ancient Greeks had […]

Kids’ Age of Independent Task Performance

Learning to perform tasks independently is crucial in child development: it’s how kids learn to be independent adults.  Parents often wonder what age their kids should be before they are allowed to perform certain tasks independently.  The truth is that there is no magic age for independent task performance as there are always variables to […]

Cursing in Front of Your Kids

Some parents speak (and curse) freely in front of their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they want their kids to be exposed to the real world as they know it rather than “sugar coat” reality. Other parents watch their language carefully around their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they […]

Continuous Learning Opportunities for Your Kids

As the old adage goes, “We learn something new every day.”  It’s easy to take this for granted, but, as parents, we need to take advantage of the daily opportunities to teach our kids through the common experiences of living.  In question and answer format, here are a few tips to accomplish that objective. Q:  […]

Early Childhood Education and Learning Strategies

Planning educational experiences for your toddler (one to three years of age) can sound like a daunting task.  Short attention spans and other issues characteristic of the toddler years can made traditional educational instruction counterproductive.  What is the best way, then, to create educational experiences for your toddler? Plan educational activities in short segments of […]

Ways You Can Lessen the Likelihood of Your Kids Being Bullied

You want your kids to be safe and happy and free from bullying.  While you likely cannot bully-proof your kids, there are some steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of your kids being bullied. Bullies tend to pick on kids that are identified as “different”.  Disabled kids, overweight kids, kids who are dressed […]

When You Think Your Child May Be a Bully

You’ve observed your child bullying one of his/her classmates, or perhaps you’ve been called to school because your child’s teacher, principal, or guidance counselor wants to speak with you about bullying behavior exhibited by your child.  Here are a few tips to help your child move forward better. First, understand that bullying behavior is a […]

The Importance of Hugs for Your Children

Anecdotally, most of us know that hugging our children is a wonderful way to soothe, nurture, and affirm our little ones.  There are also physiological benefits for our children. What does a hug do to/for the brain and body? When a parent hugs his/her child, the hug stimulates the child’s brain to produce oxytocin, dopamine, […]

Talking with Your Child’s Teacher On Sensitive Topics

As parents, there are times when we have to have “difficult” conversations.  Here are a few pointers for having potentially difficult conversations with your child’s teacher. Q:  If you fear your child might have a learning disability (maybe s/he needs reading help or you fear s/he might have dyslexia), how do you approach the teacher […]

Things Dads to Be Should Know and Do During Pregnancy

Expectant first-time dads experience a steep learning curve.  Evolving marital relationships and expectations, physical changes in their partners, new or more intense emotions (for both spouses), increasing medical expenses, and many other developments occur throughout pregnancy.  Here are a few tips to help dads-to-be navigate these months. Dads-to-be may feel left out from time to […]