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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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Why Hire a Nanny?

You are a first-time parent.  Why should you hire a nanny for your new little bundle of joy? 1.      So you can return to work if you wish or need to do so. 2.      So baby can be socialized to a variety of people.  Getting baby comfortable being handled by a trusted group of people […]

Why Become a Nanny?

You are a recent high school or college graduate looking for a job.  Maybe you are a mature individual who loves children and would like to experience far-away places.  For these and myriad other reasons, people choose to become nannies.  What follows are the advantages to becoming a nanny. 1.      Working as a nanny can […]

How to Give Feedback to Your Nanny

You employ a nanny.  Your nanny is like any other employee: in order for her to do her best, she needs to know what you expect of her.  She needs feedback to know how she’s doing . . . what she’s doing well, where there’s room for improvement, etc.  Here are a few tips on […]

The Relationship between Nanny and Child

When you hire a nanny, you check her background, references, and experience.  You want the perfect person to care for your child – someone that he’ll love and want to spend time with.  However, no relationship is perfect.  In this article we will focus on ways to avoid or minimize some of the imperfections of […]

Hiring a Nanny for Date Night!!

Do you find yourself struggling to find time for yourself and husband?  You know, before long work hours and three kids drained you of energy and made you more of a worker bee than a sexual being.  Or how about those romantic weekend get-aways, just the two of you?  Romantic gestures from your spouse always […]

Nannies Who Are Grannies

Nannies span the generations from Generation Y (those born 1984 – 2002, also known as Millennials) to the Greatest Generation (those born 1927-1945, also known as Traditionalists or the Silent Generation).  Nannies who are grannies (i.e., nannies who have grandchildren of their own) can easily be found in homes across the nation.  These nannies bring […]

Nannies for Multiples

You have six-month-old twins.  You also have a three-year-old single birth child.  The nanny you’ve had for your toddler may (or may not) be the right nanny for your family now that you have multiples in your home.  This is because it takes a special breed of nanny to care-give for multiples. Nannies of multiples […]

Moms Fess Up: Would You Hire a Sexy Nanny?

The Today Show‘s “Today Moms” broached the issue of whether moms generally feel comfortable hiring sexy nannies.  It got us thinking.  So, we put this question to our Facebook fans, and the response was no.  Today’s moms are generally hesitant to hire sexy nannies.  Why is this? “Today Moms” hypothesizes that it’s about moms feeling […]

15 Signs that Your Nanny is Not into Your Kids

Nannies should have a loving bond with the kids in their care.  How can you tell if your nanny is not making that connection with your kids? Your nanny doesn’t hug your kids when praising or comforting them. Your nanny stands at a distance from your kids. Your nanny doesn’t smile easily at or laugh […]

The Benefits of Nanny Sharing

What Nanny Sharing Is Nanny sharing, which is the practice of joint or co-employment of one nanny by more than one family concurrently, is a concept which has been gaining in popularity in recent years.  Nanny sharing can involve a nanny caring for the children of multiple families at the same time and in the […]