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7 Traits Families Want in Their Nannies And How Families Can Screen for These

Families recruiting for nannies look for many things.  Some of the desired traits or skills are specific to the families’ unique wants and needs.  However, there are some desired traits that are very commonly sought by families. Reliability.  Families want nannies that can be relied upon to do as they commit to doing.  This includes […]

Hiring a Nanny with a Child of Her Own

You are recruiting to hire a nanny for your children.  The best qualified nanny among your candidates is a mother herself.  She has a toddler of her own, and she would like to bring her toddler with her and watch her own child while she watches yours.  Here are some things you should consider as […]

Why Hire a Nanny?

You are a first-time parent.  Why should you hire a nanny for your new little bundle of joy? 1.      So you can return to work if you wish or need to do so. 2.      So baby can be socialized to a variety of people.  Getting baby comfortable being handled by a trusted group of people […]

Hiring a Nanny Who Smokes

You have a non-smoking household.  You are seeking to hire a nanny.  You’ve found a wonderfully qualified nanny, but she smokes.  What do you do? 1.      What are your state’s laws regarding smokers’ rights and employment?  Can you legally refuse to hire a nanny because they smoke?  Are domestic employees entitled to paid or unpaid […]

How a Nanny Can Benefit Your Family

You are considering hiring a nanny.  Hiring a nanny can benefit your family in myriad ways.  The benefits most frequently touted by families include the following. A nanny can relieve you of some of your work/life imbalance stress. Just as you may have support staff at work because you can’t do it all by yourself, […]

Going Back to Work after Maternity Leave

You have given birth to your precious bundle of love.  You’ve taken your maternity leave of absence from work.  Now, it’s time to return to work.  What can you do to ease this transition? Leaving baby at home while you return to work will likely be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to […]

Hiring a Nanny for Date Night!!

Do you find yourself struggling to find time for yourself and husband?  You know, before long work hours and three kids drained you of energy and made you more of a worker bee than a sexual being.  Or how about those romantic weekend get-aways, just the two of you?  Romantic gestures from your spouse always […]

Should I Consider Hiring a Nanny Who Is a Mom?

You are preparing to recruit and hire a nanny.  What if a prospective nanny has small children of her own?  Should you consider hiring a nanny who is a mom? From a legal perspective, many states have laws prohibiting employers from making adverse employment decisions based on an applicant’s motherhood.  Additionally, federal law may be […]

Age Discrimination in Hiring Nannies?

Nannies in the job market today may face some difficulties if they are younger than 20 or older than 60 years of age.  Why is this and what can a nanny do about it? If you are younger than 20 years of age, prospective employer-families may think you lack sufficient experience to be able to […]

Things to Consider Before Accepting a Nanny Job

Congratulations!  You’ve been offered a nanny job.  Is this the nanny job that’s right for you?  Below please find some of the most important things you need to consider before accepting a nanny job. Are you currently employed? Or, more precisely, does your budget afford you the option of turning this job down if you […]