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Survival Tips for Kids Who Don’t Celebrate Halloween

You and your family do not celebrate Halloween. Whether it is for religious or secular reasons, your choosing to abstain from Halloween festivities likely sets your kids apart from their peers in their school and neighborhood. Here are a few tips to help your kids navigate the month of October in a manner that is […]

Halloween Fright Night: Fun or Harmful?

Halloween is a night known for the macabre and scary.  Is this a good thing?  Is it fun or harmful for kids?  Should parents embrace or avoid the scariness of Halloween?  Here are some tips to help you handle your kids’ Halloween experience. First, let’s acknowledge that you can’t protect your kids from all frights.  […]

When Your Child Keeps Changing His Mind about His Halloween Costume

It’s October 1st.  You’re at the store with your seven-year-old son.  The two of you are looking at Halloween costumes.  He finds a costume that he really likes.  Yes, he’s sure he wants to be a hot dog in a bun this year for Halloween.  So, you pay for the costume and head home.  You […]

Halloween Costumes

For a moment, think about the Halloween costumes we wore as kids as compared to the costumes our kids wear today.  When we were kids, most costumes were homemade and “cute”.  We saw kids dressed as jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, princesses, firemen, astronauts, etc.  While some costumes of these characters or items are still available today (at […]

A Happy (and Safe) Halloween for Kids

Halloween can be great fun for kids, but it also comes with risk.  Here are some things you can do to help your kids have great fun this Halloween while minimizing their risk exposure. 1. Choose costumes that are age-appropriate and appropriate for weather as well. For example, if Halloween is chilly in your locale, […]

Halloween with Kids

Halloween.  Fun for kids; stressful for parents and nannies.  How can you make Halloween fun for your kids without stressing you out? Set a goal. Is your primary focus to frighten or entertain? Certainly, both elements should be present (at least to some degree) in any good Halloween celebration, but what is your primary focus? […]