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100 Tips for Nannies and Families

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The Importance of Creativity for Kids

Exposing your kids to creative experiences is essential for your kids’ physical and cognitive development.  Creative experiences can help your kids develop fine motor skills, math skills, scientific thinking, communication skills, problem solving skills, and psycho-social awareness and maturation.   Creativity is also a wonderful outlet for expression of emotions.  Does this sound like overselling the […]

10 Activities for a Rainy Day

You’re a nanny of two kids, ages three and seven.  You had planned a day in the park, but it’s raining, so the park plan will have to wait for another day.  What can you do to keep your kids busy and entertained on this rainy day? 1. Pop some popcorn, pour some juice, and […]

Outdoor Crafts for Summer Fun

School is almost out for the summer.  Your children will soon be home full-time.  What outdoor crafts can you and your children undertake . . .  crafts that will entertain and possibly educate . . . and certainly forestall boredom for your children?  You and your children can: Make, decorate, and fly kites. Decorate sunglasses […]

Help Your Kids Get Organized

Your kids’ rooms are disaster areas.  They are late everywhere they go.  They forget to take books or papers that they need for school.  They need help getting organized.  What can you do? 1. Work with your kids to organize their rooms. Brainstorm with them on how to create the organization. Their buy-in is essential […]

How to Keep Kids Occupied While Still Celebrating the Season

Your kids are out of school for two weeks.  They’re bored.  What can you do?  Below is a list of a few suggestions for things your kids can do, with your supervision, to participate in the joys and celebrations of the season. Read the Christmas story and discuss what life must have been like for […]

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun ~ Summer Activities

School’s out for the summer.  You would like to plan fun and educational activities for your children.  Here are a few suggestions for you and your nanny to utilize. You can take advantage of sports, classes, and activities offered by civic or governmental organizations in your community.  These include municipal sports teams (i.e., baseball, softball, […]

Creative Things to Do with Your Children

As a nanny, you have many responsibilities.  You must nurture the children in your care, stimulate their minds, and inspire their creativity, among a host of other tasks and treasures of your daily responsibilities.  It is wonderful, then, when you can find opportunities to combine multiple objectives in one activity (ex., an activity in which […]