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Going Back to Work after Maternity Leave

You have given birth to your precious bundle of love.  You’ve taken your maternity leave of absence from work.  Now, it’s time to return to work.  What can you do to ease this transition? Leaving baby at home while you return to work will likely be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to […]

Nannies Who Are Grannies

Nannies span the generations from Generation Y (those born 1984 – 2002, also known as Millennials) to the Greatest Generation (those born 1927-1945, also known as Traditionalists or the Silent Generation).  Nannies who are grannies (i.e., nannies who have grandchildren of their own) can easily be found in homes across the nation.  These nannies bring […]


Once you have registered with Nannies4Hire.com, you will be ready to find the qualified babysitter you need every time the need for childcare arises. Nannies 4 Hire specializes in finding high caliber, experienced nannies and au pairs for families across the United States and Canada. They are an award winning service that understands the importance […]

Single Dads Raising Kids ~ How to Find Childcare

According to the 2000 US Census, in about 2.2 million households, single dads are raising their kids . . . no moms on the scene.  That’s a 62% increase over the preceding decade.   Single dads raising kids have much in common other parents raising kids today.  However, single dads raising kids face some unique challenges […]

Nanny Share

Many nannies prefer to work full-time.  For the nanny, the advantages to full-time work (rather than part-time work) include increased pay and benefits.  For families that employ nannies, full-time employment increases length of employee retention.  So, employing a full-time nanny is a win-win.  But what if you can’t afford a full-time nanny?  What if you […]

Childcare Options

Parents considering childcare for their children have many options at their access.  A list of some of the most common childcare options is as follows. Nanny. A nanny is a childcare provider, typically full-time, who is employed by a family to provide supervision and a nurturing environment for the family’s children. A nanny provides these […]

Nanny vs Aupair

First, let’s define the terms. A nanny is a committed childcare provider, employed by a family to provide supervision and a nurturing environment for the family’s children, without direct parental supervision. A nanny may live in or out of a family’s primary residence.  The well-being, education, and development of the children on a day-to-day basis […]

The Current Economy and Childcare Options

In a household with two working parents, two busy children, and one full-time nanny, what do you do when one of the parents is laid off at work?  Should the parent become a stay-at-home parent, laying off the nanny to reduce family expenses?  There are many considerations when making such a decision.  Options for creative […]