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What Your Child Is Expected to Know before Entering Kindergarten

You want your child to be fully prepared for entering kindergarten.  What kinds of things should your child know before entering kindergarten? Language Skills Your child should be able to speak clearly and in full sentences.  Your child should be able to recite the alphabet and recognize each letter by sight.  Your child should be […]

Responding to your “Back to School” Emotions

The first article in this series dealt with the emotions that a mother typically experiences when sending her children back to school each autumn.  This article will address how parents can best respond to their emotions and how those emotions affect the emotions of their children at this pivotal juncture each year. Your goal, in […]

The Emotions of “Back to School”

You’re hot and sticky.  The house is a mess.  The kids are wildly running around the house and yard.  Disorganization and chaos reign.  But wait!  It’s . . . back to school time!  Normalcy in your world is about to be restored.  Are you relieved?  If you’re like most mothers, you’re feeling a host of […]

How to Transition Kids from Summer Fun to School-Year Structure

The kids spent their summer staying up late and then sleeping late the next morning.  After all, why not?  They don’t have school to go to, so sleeping late/staying up late is no problem, right?  Oh, but doesn’t that make transitioning back to the school-year rhythm so much fun?  This and other adaptations are necessary […]