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Can You Be a Better Parent With The Help of a Nanny?

There are many reasons that families have nannies.  Most reasons are something similar to ensuring proper, nurturing supervision of the children while the parents are otherwise occupied.  However, there is another benefit.  Did you know that nannies can help parents be better parents?

Nannies As Stress Relievers

If you delegate your routine household chores (light housekeeping, laundry, washing dishes, grocery shopping, errand running, etc.) to the nanny, then more of the time that you have at home with your children can be quality time (time reserved for interaction with your children).  Additionally, if the nanny’s relieving you of these tasks makes you feel less stress on a day-to-day basis, you will be a more relaxed, patient, nurturing parent.  Finally, there are times when parents simply need more than two hands to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished at any given time in the home (for example, what does a parent do if both of the twins are crying . . . in different rooms . . . and no other adult is at home to help?).  By having a nanny, parents have another set of hands to help them attend to concurrent issues.  In sum, by enabling more time to be spent in quality parent-child interaction, increasing a parent’s ability to be patient and nurturing, and providing an additional set of hands in times where multiple time demands are concurrent, nannies can help you be a better parent.

Media has emphasized this point.  Episodic television programs on this point include  John and Kate Plus Eight.  

Nannies As Knowledge Base

Because experienced nannies have raised a larger number of children than most parents ever will, those nannies have dealt with (and learned how to respond to) a wider variety of child-rearing circumstances than most parents.  Consequently, these nannies can be viewed as experts in the field of raising children.

Additionally, many parents seek nannies who know how to perform CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and other first aid responses.   Many nannies are well versed in nutrition.  Further, many nannies have additional credentials (i.e., a background in early childhood education, a working knowledge of child psychology, etc.).  In sum, there is much to be learned from these nannies.

Media has emphasized this point.  Episodic television programs on this point include  Nanny 911 and Super Nanny.   Movies on theme include  Nanny McPhee  (2005) and even The Sound of Music (1965).


Most nannies are selected based on how they can relate to and care for children.  However, let us not overlook how they can help US relate to and care for our children.


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1 comment to Can You Be a Better Parent With The Help of a Nanny?

  • Nannies are often wonderful people, and they really can help parents and children alike by being an extra adult in the household. Another function that nannies can serve is as an occasional translator between children and parents. While this is something to be very careful about, during the preteen years it can head off conflict and reduce frustration on all sides.

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