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Benefits of hiring a nanny

In today’s society; there are many benefits of hiring a nanny:

1.  If you have 2 or more children; it may be cost effective for you to hire a nanny; as many daycares could cost you more.

2.  If your children are sick; you can still go to work as the nanny can stay home with the children.  You may also have healthier children keeping them in their small home environment.

3.  A nanny can simplify your life.  For example; a nanny can be an extra pair of hands helping with household duties, laundry, errands, transporting children and starting the evening meal.  This allows for more family time when the parents arrive home.

4.  Many families are using “nanny share”.  This is when 2 families share 1 nanny.  This cuts down on cost but you still feel the benefit of having a nanny.

5.  No need to rush in the morning to get the kids out the door for daycare or school.  A nanny is an extra pair of hands in the morning.

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  • Yasmini

    I have 3 young children and have definitely found the benefits of having a nanny in my home. Our family would not function as smoothly without the help of our nanny. Thanks Nannies4hire.com!!

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