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10 Activities for a Rainy Day

You’re a nanny of two kids, ages three and seven.  You had planned a day in the park, but it’s raining, so the park plan will have to wait for another day.  What can you do to keep your kids busy and entertained on this rainy day?

  • 1. Pop some popcorn, pour some juice, and snuggle up for some quality time reading a good book aloud to the kids.
  • 2. Help the kids make some of their favorite treats in the kitchen. Then, you all can snack on the goodies while watching a great movie on DVD.
  • 3. Help the kids build a tent in the family room using dining room chairs, bed linens, clothes pins, and other common household items. Then, pretend you are camping in the wilderness. Relaxation CD’s that feature nature sounds can provide wonderful sound effects to enhance the indoor camping experience.
  • 4. Help the kids create fun crafts. Maybe they can make molds of their hands and give the molds to their parents as wonderful surprise gifts. Or perhaps they can make macaroni art. Or you could even do something as simple as spend some quality time together with some crayons and coloring books.
  • 5. Get each of the kids on a house phone and call a loved one that the kids don’t get to see often, such as a grandmother that lives far away. If each of the kids is on his or her own house phone, the call will virtually be a conference call. No one will complain that someone is “hogging” the phone (although one or more of the kids could still “hog” the talk-time).
  • 6. Have the kids put on some ok-to-get-messy clothes and take them outside to dance in the rain, jump in mud puddles, and otherwise enjoy the rain.
  • 7. Group sing as many songs as you can think of that reference rain. “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…” “Oh, no, don’t let the rain come down…” These songs and other favorites come to mind. (If you are looking for lyrics, a quick search of the Internet should provide you with lyrics to any song you can think of.)
  • 8. Have the kids spend time on a project around the house. Do the kids’ rooms need cleaning? If so, this is a perfect time to get that done. (Note: make sure that you reward timely and successful completion of their tasks. That way, this rainy day can still be seen as fun.)
  • 9. Volunteer your time and your kids’ time at a local non-profit organization or group in need. Does the local soup kitchen need dish washers? Does your local pet shelter need people to attend to the sheltered animals? Does your church need volunteers to help assemble their newsletter?
  • 10. Play a “name three” game about rain. For example, you could begin with, “Name three benefits of rain.” Your next question may be, “Name three things you like most when the rain stops.” As you ask these questions, the kids will likely begin to tell stories. The time will begin to slip by quickly.”

There are many activities that you and the kids in your care can undertake to enjoy a rainy day.  The 10 suggestions above can start your creative thought process on how to enjoy your next rainy day.  May it rain in your community soon, and may you all have a ball!

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