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Kids Just Wanna Have Fun ~ Summer Activities

School’s out for the summer.  You would like to plan fun and educational activities for your children.  Here are a few suggestions for you and your nanny to utilize.

You can take advantage of sports, classes, and activities offered by civic or governmental organizations in your community.  These include municipal sports teams (i.e., baseball, softball, and soccer), YMCA/YWCA swimming lessons, art center youth programs and classes (i.e., painting pottery, drawing and painting, and clay art), museum youth programs (i.e., day camps and museum sleep-overs), planetarium youth programs and activities (i.e., junior astronomer programs), community theatre youth programs (i.e., youth theatre presentations), zoo youth programs (i.e., “all about type of animal” programs), public library reading programs (i.e., a Harry Potter reading group), club memberships and activities (i.e., Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Bluebirds, 4-H, etc.), and church summer camps.

You can also take advantage of classes and activities offered by local for-profit organizations.  These include cheerleading camps, dance or gymnastic classes, vocal or instrumental music lessons, music appreciation classes, and cooking or baking classes.

You can coordinate many of the above activities on your own rather than using the services of an organization.  For example, you can teach your child to swim at your local swimming pool, spend time each day reading a book with your child, teach your child to cook and bake, etc.

You can take educational vacations and day trips with your child.  You can take a nature hike in your own community, take a plant and animal book with you, and learn about the plants and animals that are native to your area. 

You can adopt or foster a pet, pet sit for a friend who may be out of town, or volunteer for a local animal rights organization.  Your local animal shelter, pound, or Humane Society, would likely be happy to have you adopt or foster an animal in their care, distribute posters or flyers promoting their cause, or volunteer as a dog walker.  Your child will learn about animals and their care, selfless love, and responsibility for the welfare of another.

You can plant a floral or vegetable garden, make and tend a terrarium, build and fly a kite, adopt a mile on a local highway (i.e., accepting responsibility for keeping the mile clean and free of litter), go on a scavenger hunt for educational and recyclable items (i.e, a metal pop bottle top, a penny, a plastic bottle coded a “2″ for recycling, a maple leaf, etc.), or get involved in a local recycling program’s efforts.  Your child will learn about our natural environment (earth, wind, etc.), and he/she will hopefully learn to be a steward of that environment.

These are but a few of the myriad opportunities for fun and education that await you and your child this summer.  Regardless of what opportunities you and your child choose, may your summer be fun and educational for both of you.

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