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Inexpensive, Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebrations

You want to be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking your budget.  Here are a few suggestions to help you accomplish your goal. Take the kids to Grandma’s house for the evening; prepare your spouse’s favorite home-cooked meal; don an outfit that s/he finds especially attractive on you; dim the lights; light some candles; […]

How to Stop Your Child’s Recurrent Nightmares

Your child is having recurrent nightmares.  It’s distressing for your child, and you want to help.  Here are a few tips to stop your child’s nightmares. Find out what is causing your child’s nightmares.  Speak with your child; ask him what is going on in his world and what he thinks and feels about those […]

Protocol When Your Nanny Gets Sick

Your nanny is amazing: loving, patient, firm but gentle.  However, she is not superwoman: she catches a cold or flu from time to time.  You don’t want your kids to be exposed to a contagion, so you ask your nanny not to report to work when she’s sick.  Crisis averted.  But wait!  Who is going […]

How Nannies Can Teach Children Boundaries with Peers

Nannies teach healthy boundaries (i.e., where they are properly placed and how they are properly defended) to the children in their care.  Necessary boundaries are many and varied . . . varying by topic (i.e., displays of affection, proper language in context, etc.) and by target audience (i.e., boundaries with parents, with other elders, with […]

How Nannies Can Respond to Disrespectful Children

Children who have not been taught to be respectful can be a challenge for their recently hired nannies.  Here are a few tips to help nannies respond constructively to the disrespectful children newly in their care. Lead by example.  Be firm but polite and nurturing.  For example, you may say, “Oh, my!  I hear you […]

Does Mother Really Know Best When It Comes to Children’s Health?

Experienced moms are virtually walking medical textbooks.  They know the difference between a common cold and respiratory influenza.  They know which lacerations need stitches and which require only antibiotic cream, a bandage, and plenty of mom’s love and attention.  They know the signs of infection, contagion, and when a child is “faking it”.  However, with […]

Vacationing with Preschoolers

We often hear parents say something akin to, “Why should we spend lots of money to travel to fantastic destinations that our preschoolers won’t remember once they’re older?  We’ll wait ‘til they’re old enough to remember experiencing these destinations.”  This flow of logic makes sense.  So, why do some parents take their preschoolers on destination […]

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve With Kids

Here are some tips to help you plan a fun filled New Year’s Eve party for all ages. 1. Choose a theme that will appeal to all ages. 2. Choose a location that goes along with the theme or host the party at your home. 3. Send out invitations that go along with the theme. […]

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