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Guns, Play Dates, and Parental Due Diligence

As a parent, you want to ensure your child’s safety.  When your child has a play date at someone else’s home, you rely on the parent(s) in that home to watch over your child’s safety just as you would if you were present.  However, different parents have different levels of risk tolerance.  How can you […]

Having More Than One Child

Parents of an only-child who find themselves expecting their second child often think, “This is only one more child.  It’s not a major change to go from one child to two children.  It’s not like we’re having sextuplets!”  This position sounds reasonable enough, but, alas, it is seriously mistaken.  Let’s discuss why raising two children […]

Raising Well Organized Children

What’s the secret to raising well-organized children?  How can you instill strong organizational skills at an early age? Recognize that children have inborn personality traits.  Some children seem to gravitate to an organized existence.  For other children, “going with the flow” seems much more consistent with their nature.  It is important that you value your […]

Foster Parenting

The Peace Corps says that working for it is “the toughest job you’ll ever love”.  The same may be said for foster parenting.   Becoming a first-time foster parent represents a significant change in your life and in your family member’s lives, so contemplate the pros and cons and make the decision that is right for […]

Safe Toys for Kids

Parents are barraged with advice on how to determine what toys are safe for kids.  It can be overwhelming.  If the toy is painted, is the paint lead-free?  If the toy is fabric, is the fabric fire-retardant?  Does the toy have sharp edges, pointy parts, or parts that are small and detachable?  Or is the […]

Biggest Pre K Parenting Mistakes

No parent is perfect.  We all make mistakes from time to time . . . daily, actually.  We want to be watchful for mistakes and try to correct them so that we can parent better over time.  Here are some of the biggest and most common mistakes we make when parenting pre-k kids. Inconsistent rules […]

How to Break the Ice with the Children in Your Care

First, congratulations on your new job!  May your employment be enduring and endearing.  Now that you’ve landed that great nanny job that you’ve been seeking, how do you break the ice with the children in your care? Communicate with the children on their level.  Kneel down if need be to look at the children eye-to-eye. […]

Must Have Nanny Qualifications

Different families seek different qualifications in their nannies.  For example, a family with one or more children with health concerns may prefer to employ a nanny with a nursing background, and a family that is preparing their children to live and work in a global economy may seek to employ a multi-lingual nanny.  There are, […]

Beneficial Touch for Infants

Many studies have shown that loving skin-to-skin contact with infants can have beneficial effects on the infants’ biology and psychology.  For example, in one study, pre-term newborns who were given three 15-minute sessions of touch therapy daily for 5 to 10 days gained 47% more weight than pre-term newborns who received only the normal Western […]

Asking for Time off Work

You want to ask your employer-family for some time off work, be it for vacation, holiday, or even sick time.  How should you schedule your time off?  How should you manage a last-minute absence from your nanny job?  How do talk to your employer-family about taking time off?  When is it best to make your […]