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Balancing Organization with Spontaneity

Parents are often given conflicting advice from well-meaning friends, relatives, and parenting experts.  For example, parents may be told that they need to be more organized (less spontaneous) to make their lives more manageable or more spontaneous (less organized) to make their lives more enjoyable.  How can parents balance organization with spontaneity to maximize both […]

How to Help Your Kids Like School

Your kids don’t like school, and you want them to enjoy the experience since they’ll be having this experience for about 13 years (kindergarten through senior year) if not more (college), and their education will shape the rest of their lives.  Here are a few tips to help your kids like school. 1. Lead by […]

Challenges of Monolingual Parents Raising Bilingual Children

Monolingual parents raising bilingual children face unique challenges.  Let’s discuss some of those challenges and how they can be overcome. Challenge:  Children’s difficulty in mastering either language.  Bilingual children often (but not always) learn a breadth of both languages but a depth of neither.  Their vocabulary in either language may be diminished as compared to […]

Benefits of Teaching Sign Language

Many parents of the 21st century are teaching their babies sign language starting as early as six months of age.  What are the benefits of teaching your baby sign language? Good communication.  You want to understand what your baby is thinking, feeling, wanting, and needing.  Babies can learn and communicate through sign language even in […]

RIE Parenting

RIE is an acronym for Resources for Infant Educarers.  Read on to learn about RIE parenting. When/where did it originate?  RIE was founded by infant specialist and educator Magda Gerber in 1978. What is its main tenet?  The main tenet of RIE parenting is the belief that parents and caregivers should recognize infants as complete […]

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Should parents use food as a reward for good behavior?

Many experts opine that food should not be used as a reward for kids’ good behavior.  They cite the following. It can lead to kids seeing food as an indulgence, then over-indulging as they age, and then becoming obese (with all the concomitant risks associated with obesity). Not only is reward food typically high in […]

Warning Signs That You Are an Annoying School Parent

We all know that there are “those” parents . . . the ones that annoy teachers, administration, and the other parents in the school.  How do you know if you ARE those parents?  If you ask yourself the questions below and find that many of the questions below do, indeed, apply to you, then you […]

Most Important Questions for Your Daycare Parent Teacher Conference

You will be meeting with your child’s daycare teacher to hear how your child has been doing in daycare.  Here are some of the most important questions to ask your child’s daycare teacher. How is my child doing? (general question) How are my child’s social skills? Does s/he have good relationships with his/her classmates? Does […]

Separation Anxiety In Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Your child is starting preschool or kindergarten.  He is social, happy, and well adjusted; he’s enjoyed a variety of play dates and activities that occurred in your absence; so you’re surprised by his sudden separation anxiety when you drop him off for his first day of preschool or kindergarten.  Though you are surprised, you are […]