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Baby Classes

Experts say that babies (newborn to 12 months) generally absorb more information per day than adults.  Babies’ brains are blank slates and information is being written on them rapidly as babies learn everything from scratch.  Many parents, seeking to tap the tremendous potential of this period of rapid learning, enroll themselves and their babies in […]

Keeping Toddlers Safe from Dogs and Cats on the Street

Most dogs and cats are friendly and present no danger to our toddlers.  However, there are dogs and cats that aren’t well socialized, are unaccustomed to strangers or children, are unwell or frightened, etc.:  these dogs and cats may present a danger to our toddlers.  Since dogs and cats don’t come with labels like “I’m […]

Getting the Most out of Traveling Abroad with Your Children

You want your children to be up to the challenges of a global economy and the complexities and strengths of increasingly diverse communities and workplaces.   To help your children accomplish these goals, you may travel abroad with your children, exposing them to other cultures, languages, architecture, wildlife, foliage, and history, to name a few.  Here […]

Kids’ Age of Independent Task Performance

Learning to perform tasks independently is crucial in child development: it’s how kids learn to be independent adults.  Parents often wonder what age their kids should be before they are allowed to perform certain tasks independently.  The truth is that there is no magic age for independent task performance as there are always variables to […]

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Teambuilding Activities for Toddlers

Teambuilding activities for toddlers:  what are they and why are they important? Teambuilding activities are any activities that cause toddlers to interact cooperatively with one another.  Teambuilding activities for toddlers include: Physical activities such as parachute games (i.e., toddlers standing in a circle, holding the edges of the parachute, bouncing balls on the parachute), drum […]

Tips for Getting Excited Kids to Fall Asleep on Christmas Eve

We’ve all been there, done that: unsuccessfully trying (read: begging, cajoling, reasoning, bribing, and anything else we can think of) to get our excited kids to bed on Christmas Eve. Here are a few tips to get our excited little sleepy heads to fall asleep so Santa can slip in undetected. 1. Try to keep […]

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Cursing in Front of Your Kids

Some parents speak (and curse) freely in front of their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they want their kids to be exposed to the real world as they know it rather than “sugar coat” reality. Other parents watch their language carefully around their kids; the flow of logic is usually that they […]

Signs that a Parent Can Spot in a Child’s Drawings that Show that the Child Is in Trouble or Needs Help

One of the primary roles that we have as parents is that of protector. If our children are struggling, it is our responsibility to help our children through the difficulty. Observant parents know that children always find ways, directly or indirectly, to let us know when they are struggling. Some children will directly communicate their […]