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Natural Consequences v. Punishment When Redirecting Your Kids’ Behavior

As parents, it is our job and our privilege to shape our kids into happy, healthy, productive adult members of society.  This involves, among other things, praising our kids for behaviors that we believe to be leading them to that goal and redirecting our kids for behaviors that we believe to be leading them down […]

Traveling with Newborns

Traveling with newborns can be difficult.  Packing bottles, diapers, toys, and the host of other items that newborns need on a daily basis can require luggage larger than that required by the adults sharing the journey.  Additionally, there is the persistent parental fear of sitting in an airplane, cruising at 30,000 feet (so no way […]

School’s Out! It’s Decompression Time!

School’s out!  No more classes until August!  Your teens have just been through semester finals; they are stressed and needing some decompression time.  Yes, you want them to be responsible and have a productive summer:  participate in summer sports and activities, take summer school, get a summer job, volunteer for a worthy non-profit . . […]

Raising a Well Adjusted Child

How can you raise a well-adjusted child?  First, let’s start with a definition.  For the purposes of this article, let’s define well-adjusted to mean healthy, happy, balanced, and self-confident.  Think about the kind of adulthood you want your child to grow to have: surely you want that adulthood to be well-adjusted.  Think also about how […]

Helping Your Child Buy Her First Car

Your child wants her own car.  You’ve agreed that it would be a benefit to the whole family if she had her own car.  Here are a few tips to help your child prepare financially for the first major purchase of her life. Research You and your child can search a variety of automobile sales […]

Nutritional Needs for 6 to 12 Month Old Babies Who Are Breastfed and Eating Solid Foods

Your baby is breastfed, and you are gradually introducing him/her to solid foods.  Here is some basic information about your baby’s changing nutritional needs. As bodies of all ages develop, nutritional and caloric needs change.  So it is with your baby’s body.  Starting around your baby’s sixth month, your baby’s body needs more iron, Vitamin […]

Reversing Ineffective Parenting Habits

Kids don’t come with operator’s manuals.  You can’t get a PhD in parenting: it’s a learn-as-you-go kind of gig.  Sometimes, you have to change some of your parenting techniques because you recognize that they simply aren’t effective in achieving your goals.  Here are a few ways to help you reverse ineffective parenting habits. Explain to […]

Relating As Adults with Our Mothers

Our mothers are accustomed to seeing us as their “kids”.   We may be 50 years old, but we’re still their “kids”.  As adults, however, we should not relate to our mothers as if we are, indeed, kids.  We can and should position ourselves as “adult offspring” instead.  The difference between “kid” and “adult offspring” is […]

How We Handle Those Times When Our Kids Err

Kids, just like humans generally, are imperfect.  They make mistakes.  They do ill-conceived or outright mean-spirited things from time to time.  As parents, we are called upon to answer for the errors of our kids.  Here are some tips for times such as these. *Begin with an apology.  “I am so very sorry that my […]

Planning Your First Camping Trip with Your Kids

Planning your first camping trip with your kids can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming.  There are so many things to consider!  Here are some tips to help you prepare. What to Bring *A tent *A hammer (for staking your tent) *Sleeping bags *Pillows *Flashlights or lanterns *Collapsible or folding lawn chairs or […]